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Mastering Time Management

Mastering Time Management

Time Management is one of the most common problems that student face in high school. With multiple subjects, assessments and life priorities, they very commonly underestimate the time it takes to deeply engage with a subject, and overestimate their ability to cram information in before exams.

Jarrod had no concept of time management prior to coaching, and felt frustrated by the motherhood statements such as “prioritise”, without being given proper instruction on how to do so. Everything changed once he engaged an Elevate Coach across his 12 week program.

Jarrod's Focus Areas

Time Management
Note Taking
Mindset & Motivation

See Jarrod and his parents share their experience of mastering Time Management with Elevate Coaching.

Weekly sessions with his Coach
% increase in overall respondent score on study skills assessment
Hours that students spend daily consuming social & video media


The most important aspect of exam preparation is planning. Without a systematic approach to exam study, students find themselves overwhelmed with workload and a seemingly never-ending stream of work. Prior to the program, Jarrod adopted a scattergun approach, often spending too much time on a handful of subjects and leaving others until too late.

Jarrod's Study Skills Snapshot

  • Before
  • After


As students progress through high school, they often find that the number of subjects, tasks and extra-curricular activities competing for their attention increase year on year. When they began, Jarrod was struggling to stay on top of everything and was often feeling overwhelmed by the size of tasks ahead. Jarrod and his Coach, Kane, developed a system for breaking the work down and setting mini deadlines and then set him up with a digital weekly timetable on Redbooth that maps out all these deadlines alongside all the things he enjoys.

They also set him up with a Toggl account that will help him balance the load of each his subjects. Jarrod graduated the program with a high degree of confidence in the use of these new devices and assuming he sticks with them, he will be able to study more consistently across the last few months of Year 12.