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Through our work with thousands of parents each year, we understand that one of the key challenges that parents face is getting their child motivated to study. In fact, one of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I help motivate my child…without becoming public enemy number one?” Motivated children do better for themselves and feel better, which makes world of a difference to their learning. Want to know how to develop motivation, resilience, and grit in your children?

Elevate Education’s Parent Forum brings together expert knowledge and advice on student psychology and how that affects motivation, performance, and their mindsets throughout learning and life. By the end of the session, parents would have gained research-based knowledge about student motivation as well as strategies to help their child develop a growth mindset at home. 

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Meet Your Presenter

Phoebe Pincus is the Managing Director of Elevate Education. She has presented 800+ workshops to 30,000+ students, parents and teachers across Australia with one goal: to help students study smarter, not harder. She believes that empowering parents with the knowledge to make real change in their child’s study habits is a crucial part of that. She can’t wait to share how you can do that in this engaging and dynamic evening.

What Parents Will Learn From This Live Event

1. How to use recent developments in Neuroscience and Peak Performance Psychology to help their child reach their personal best to manage your child’s study routines.


2. Understanding motivation and how to foster strong self-esteem in your child


3. Learn the 3 biggest motivation-traps that parents routinely fall into with their teens.


4. Knowing the differences between evaluative and descriptive praise, and how to use them. 


??Drinks & Snacks will be provided 



** Disclaimer: At this uncertain time when communities are affected worldwide by the coronavirus, Elevate Education is running this event for free. However, in future, events such as this may be behind a paywall. This event is free due to exceptional circumstances and Elevate make no guarantee that future events will remain free.

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