LIVE Thursday 24 Sept 2020 6:30 pm (GMT +8) | RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW

Elevate is an award-winning organisation that helps 1.2 million students each year study smarter, not just harder. How?

By giving students, teachers and parents at our 3000 client schools the most effective study skills to increase their academic performance. This includes your child’s school who we’ve been working with for several years.  

Does your child make messy notes? Or do they spend too much time perfecting them and they still don’t reach their personal best at school?

In this exclusive webinar we will show you – as parents – how you can help boost your child’s processing and note-making skills based on the 19 years of bench marking research Elevate has conducted globally. Kirun is looking forward to helping your child learn smarter, not just harder. 

What You'll Learn In This Live Training Event

1. How to make an effective set of notes.

2. How to create connections between concepts to deepen understanding.

3. Learn the “behind-the-scenes” secrets that Elevate’s team of presenters and coaches share with their students that increase their effectiveness and performance.

4. Gain FREE ACCESS to 10+ downloadable templates that can give you the control and visibility you need to assist your child.

5. The most effective self-management strategies your child needs based on the latest neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

“The presenter was excellent and the content extremely pertinent to a student starting a 2 year IGCSE programme. I learned to focus on praising my child for the process of learning and that results come from specific inputs.” – Mary


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