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Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

Overcoming Anxiety & Stress

Based on the OECD average, 67 per cent of Australian students report feeling very anxious even if well prepared for a test. In the 50 per cent of young people in years 7-12 who report feeling moderately to extremely stressed over exams, the number one source of pressure comes from themselves.  Coping with stress is a top issue of concern for young people and in Australia, it has been shown to have an impact on academic performance.

This was unfortunately felt by Caitlyn throughout her high school journey, which is why they reached out to Elevate for assistance.

Caitlyn's focus areas

Stress & Wellbeing
Time Management & Organisation
Mindset & Motivation

See Caitlyn, her mother Sharyn, and her Coach Jade talk about Caitlyn's transformation across year 12.

Weekly sessions with her Coach
score /460 after coaching intervention
Students who suffer from an anxiety disorder in Australia


Caitlyn entered high school as a highly capable and very academically inclined student.  Despite her high potential and capability for success, she had been suffering from anxiety and depression, which had a major impact on her ability to focus and concentrate on her school work. As her mother Sharyn recounted, “her perfectionism and pressure on herself” exacerbated the natural stress that comes with completing Year 12.

Sharyn felt that she didn’t know hot to intervene in a manner that would be productive or come across as supportive, and wanted to avoid adding to the workload and stress. After seeing Elevate Education speak at their school, she decided to reach out.

Caitlyn's Study Skills Snapshot

  • Before
  • After


Caitlyn’s coach, Jade began the program with the module on Time Management. Having noticed after the initial diagnostic interview that Caitlyn studied for 6-hours straight per night, it was clear that an intervention was required.

Caitlyn acknowledged that there was a lack of balance in her approach, however the stress and anxiety coloured her perspective in a way that didn’t allow her to recognise the drop in her productivity, even though she studied for long hours.

Jade introduced some refinements to Caitlyn’s study timetable, which allowed her to take productive breaks as well as manager her competing priorities. When combining this with the modules on wellbeing and stress management, Jade was able to show Caitlyn how to use mindfulness techniques and other practical tools to both stay on top of everything, but also manage her perspective so that she could get out of her own way.