Welcome Parents

We're pleased to have you here. The live-stream will begin at 4pm (EST) on Wednesday, June 24 where we will share all about video game addiction and how to avoid it with you and/or your children.

Meet Your Presenter

Mike Honiball is a senior presenter at Elevate Education New York. He has presented 900+ workshops to 40,000+ students, parents and teachers with one goal: to help students study smarter, not harder. He believes that empowering parents with the knowledge to make real change in their child’s study habits is a crucial part of that. He can’t wait to share how you can do that in this webinar.

** Disclaimer: At this uncertain time when communities are affected worldwide by the coronavirus, Elevate Education is running this event for free. However, in future, events such as this may be behind a paywall. This event is free due to exceptional circumstances and Elevate make no guarantee that future events will remain free.

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